We have a thorough process for evaluating and treating gum conditions which are painless, comprehensive, and highly effective. 

A typical, normal healthy tooth sulcus is less than 3 millimeters in depth.  Once larger than that, it’s called a pocket, which becomes a breeding spot for disease-causing bacteria which cause inflammation, bone loss, periodontitis, and general health degradation.

DIAGNOSIS:  We thoroughly check your mouth for any sites of chronic inflammation.

INITIAL THERAPY: When necessary, we do initial therapies (deep cleaning scaling and root-planing).

RE-EVALUATION:  After a month or two, we re-evaluate to see if further in-office therapy is needed.  In cases of more advanced periodontal disease we refer to the leading periodontists in the area.

Our office in Branchburg has extremely new and modern equiptment to make treatment fast and easy. Our Branchburg office is brand new and can help solve all of your dental needs.