Dental implants are now the way to replace teeth more securely, comfortably, and permanently than ever.

You used to have three choices when missing a tooth:

  1. live without
  2. install a bridge where you grind down the neighboring teeth, create crowns for each, with an intermedial pontic (the bridge)
  3. do a partial denture, which is removable, has clasps and sits on your gums and comes with all the management issues of dentures.

But now, we can provide dental implants, a surgically implanted titanium fixture (analogous to a shoulder or hip implant), with a crown which sits on the post and performs similarly to a natural tooth.  The benefits are that you don’t have to place crowns on neighboring teeth, you don’t have the potential for decay with a partial dentures, and they are not subject to the forms of decay to which natural teeth succumb.