Professionally made mouth-guards protect athletes from a variety of injuries.  ProForm provides many advantages over boil-and-bite types. 

Laboratory processed professional grade mouth-guards are prescribed for both professional and amateur athletes because they offer protection, retention, comfort and fit, without interfering with speech or breathing during play.

ProForm has the advantage over boil-and-bite types of mouth-guards because of their superior fit and retention. In addition, ProForm mouth-guards are thin, comfortable, custom fitted and will retain their shape long after other mouth-guards have worn out.

ProForm sports mouth-guards reduce the incidence of tooth breakage by distributing the stress of impact to the entire length of the tooth. This feature is provided by a double layer of laminated sheet vinyl with a lingual plate embedded behind the incisors. Tensile strength, softness, compression percentage and uniform density are all important characteristics of mouth-guard materials. ProForm maintains these characteristics using a heat/pressure laminating process. Tensile strength of the laminate is excellent due to the laminate’s two layers of materials making up the mouth-guard. Density is maintained at the pressure laminating process so shrinkage of the mouth-guard is uniformly controlled.

Our Branchburg NJ office now has technology to takemolds of teeth using a camera. No more gagging or discomfort, simply smile, and we will send your digital image to our lab immediately. We are one of the first and only to have this technology in Branchburg, and we brought it to Branchburg just for you!

ProForm Advantages

  • Increased oxygen intake for maximum performance and endurance
  • Improved speech for clear communication on the field
  • Natural comfort with a secure fit
  • Provides maximum impact dispersion and protection against tooth damage
  • Custom fit for any size mouth
  • Numerous color options to meet the needs of your patients