Once fillings no longer do the job, a crown is usually the next solution.  We stay on top of fast developing crown technologies, techniques, and labs, and provide the best solution.

As fillings grow and the amount of tooth shrinks, the quality of restoration provided by a filling becomes less dependable.  Eventually the level of benefit provided by a filling as the filling grows begins to shrink, and the benefit from a crown grows.  The crown is a preferred restoration when necessary, and it provides a significantly higher level of precision, control, durability.

Crowns can be made from a variety of materials coming from various places (the US, Europe, China), from discount factories and from the highest quality leaders.  Through my research and experience, I’ve narrowed my repertoire to the materials I find best looking, most comfortable, and best lasting.

The world of crowns has undergone a dramatic transformation in the past generation.  There are now a variety of new materials, designs, techniques, providers and labs producing crowns of various qualities and success rates.  I make it a point to keep abreast of the latest science and providers in the field, and have had excellent results for both new crown recipients and those with problems, in need of replacement.

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