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Promoting Good Oral Care Habits at Home with Your Kids

Parent’s have to provide their kids with the right oral hygiene care from early on so that the habits on cleaning teeth properly is developed from the start. A parent has many responsibilities when it comes to raising and grooming a child, and one of these is maintaining and teaching them about oral hygiene at […]

What is the Right Time to Take a Child to a Dentist?

Most parents are jittery at the thought of taking their child to a dentist for the first time. But when your child’s gummy and toothless smile has gone away and tiny white bites are appearing, it’s time to overcome your fears and make their first dental appointment. If you are waiting for your child to […]

Why is it Important to Invest in Your Smile?

They say laughter is contagious; but in fact, it is being around someone with a beautiful smile that is infectious. Carrying a bright smile creates a welcoming and warm impression of the person, and everyone easily connects with them. The main asset behind a smile is a healthy set of teeth. This is why investing […]

Is it Safe to Get Dental Treatments During Pregnancy?

Expecting moms tend to question dental visits due to the fear of the baby’s safety. But what most pregnant women don’t know is that appropriate dental care leads to an improved pregnancy and enhances the development and well-being of the baby. Here is a guide to oral care during pregnancy. Taking care of your teeth and gums […]

World’s First Therapeutic Dental Vaccine Developed

Dentists may no longer be as intimidating as scientists in Melbourne, Australia have published a dental vaccine, which can replace painful surgeries and antibiotics for gum diseases. The validated research published over the weekend in a leading journal stated that a new injection has been discovered, which is seen as a future replacement for gum […]

Why Does My Tooth Hurt?

Toothaches arise when the nerves of the roots of a tooth are irritated. Dental or non-dental diseases may cause pain in any of the teeth; while some triggers of pain may include sensitivity to temperature, sensitivity to sweets, or soreness from chewing and biting foods. When you suffer from a toothache, it’s not really a […]

Root Canal Treatments

At an average, endodontists perform over 15 million root canal procedures annually in the US. Here is an insight on the causes of a root canal; it’s treatment, and ways of recovering following the surgery. Tooth decays in permanent teeth are quite a common problem in adults, and many of them leave it untreated. When […]

Tips for a Good Dental Care Routine

Basic oral hygiene and good dental care goes hand in hand with sparkling smiles. If you want to keep toothaches at bay and maintain healthy teeth for life, here is a look on how you can achieve this.   A wise man once said, “The key to good health and life, is by taking care […]

Teeth Whitening Done at Home Vs. Teeth Whitening at the Dentist

Should teeth be whitened at home, or should you visit a dentist to restore and improve the appearance of your smile? Which option brings positive results with lesser side effects? Read on to find out all the answers to your queries on successfully bringing back your sparkling white smile… A sparkling white smile enhances your […]