Why is it Important to Invest in Your Smile?

They say laughter is contagious; but in fact, it is being around someone with a beautiful smile that is infectious. Carrying a bright smile creates a welcoming and warm impression of the person, and everyone easily connects with them. The main asset behind a smile is a healthy set of teeth. This is why investing […]

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Why Does My Tooth Hurt?

Toothaches arise when the nerves of the roots of a tooth are irritated. Dental or non-dental diseases may cause pain in any of the teeth; while some triggers of pain may include sensitivity to temperature, sensitivity to sweets, or soreness from chewing and biting foods. When you suffer from a toothache, it’s not really a […]

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Root Canal Treatments

At an average, endodontists perform over 15 million root canal procedures annually in the US. Here is an insight on the causes of a root canal; it’s treatment, and ways of recovering following the surgery. Tooth decays in permanent teeth are quite a common problem in adults, and many of them leave it untreated. When […]

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